The aging of lithium-ion batteries is caused by cell oxidation. In doing so, the electrodes lose their ability to store lithium ions necessary for current flow.

The cell oxidation is influenced by several factors. For example, by temperature and the charging status of the battery. Thus, the lifetime also depends on the individual use and the external conditions.

How long a lithium battery works well depends on the processing, use and operating temperature. Good handling rewards your lithium battery with a longer life. Please note:

  • Avoid temperatures above 40 °C or frost
  • Avoid complete discharge
  • Store the battery correctly (indoor) during extended periods of play (for example in winter)D
  • Protect from mechanical damage

During winter, it is best to store your battery as follows:

  • The battery should be fully charged
  • Remove the charger from the battery and store it in an interior (basement)
  • Protect the battery from moisture and store indoors or in the basement at ideally 15° to 20°C