Care Instruction Cleaning

You have purchased a quality product that requires just little care. Nevertheless, it is good to know what is good for your KIFFE and what not.

Ideally, after the round, clean your trolley with compressed air and a damp cloth.

Water and lubricants are basically superfluous. We recommend removing the wheels about every four weeks (or after 8 to 10 rounds) and blowing out the axle with air.

Important: Remove the battery before cleaning. In any case, avoid water getting to the controller, battery connector or electronic components. Running water or even high-pressure cleaners are not suitable for gently cleaning an electric trolley.

Please also refrain from cleaning your trolley with abrasive or aggressive cleaning agents. Also oils and fats are superfluous and in case of doubt counterproductive. All components of the trolley are designed in such a way that subsequent greasing is not required.