The aesthete.

The push-trolley is simple, elegant and stable at the same time. Thanks to the handlebar in T-shape you can lead the KM with left, right or two-handed. It is particularly advantageous in this case that it is extremely easy to move. This is why it scores for all those who do not want to be motorised.

  • Left, right or two-handed operated
  • Height-adjustable
  • Easy to move
  • Foot brake (optional)
Cruise controlyes
Manual parking brake:Special equipment available
Electronic brake function:-
Driving assistance system with ground sensor:-
Electronic locking brake acting on both driving wheels-
Electronic and manual freewheel:-
Motor power
Pack size without wheels:71 x 66 x 16 cm
Weight of trolley (kg):4,8 kg
Weight of wheels (kg):1,8 kg
Battery with magnetic connector and batterymanagement system to extend the lifetime-
Battery capacity indicator (optical)-
Battery capacity indicator (acoustic)-
Automatic forward motion (approx 10 and 20 m):-
Speed memory:-
Microprocessor-controlles drive electronics:-
Remote Control-

KM – The aesthete.

reccommended retail price incl. VAT:

€ 729,-

Light weight wheels

Foot brake